Embracing the Age of Digital Logistics

Embracing the Age of Digital Logistics
February 2, 2017 Hannah Marshallsay
digital logistics

In the last two decades the rapid advances in communications technology and the Internet have dramatically changed the way companies devise logistics strategies, processes and systems. As a result companies who embraced technology have been able to reduce costs, achieve better supply chain integration and operate more customer-focused fulfilment. The internet is driving cost reduction through information sharing and logistics coordination between trading partners and service providers. The opportunities created from digital logistics are becoming increasingly recognised as key to achieving a competitive advantage.

We recognise that there is still an opportunity to improve efficiencies in the supply chain and believe that we have an obligation to understand how to create value from data, and how to work with new business models to improve systems for customers.

At PFE we have always made digital innovation one of our priorities. If we can improve systems and processes for our customers, we will use the technologies available to us to find a solution.

“We are very focussed on adapting quickly and proactively to changes in our industry.” says PFE’s Managing Director Adam Collins. “Our business is not just about moving goods from A to B. We realised early on that new technology, and what you could do with customer data, helps drive efficiencies. We developed PFE Vision as a result of investing more in advancing our IT systems. Vision is one of the best systems out there and our customers rely on it.”

PFE Vision

PFE Vision is an online tool which contains an array of options from basic tracking of a consignment to detailed Purchase Order Management (POM). PFE Vision gives our customers the ability to track their consignments from order to delivery of goods and all the milestones in between.

PFE Vision has been developed to be simple to use, nimble and it’s available for our customers today. Like with most things, the best way of experiencing PFE Vision is to see it for yourself. Please contact us to understand how PFE Vision can help your business.


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