The Directors.

We are very proud of what we’ve achieved and we’ve been fortunate to experience organic growth for the last 38 years. We work hard to make certain  that our customers want to continue working with us. Everyone who works for PFE understands that they need to do their bit to ensure that the high level of service we offer our customers remains.

Trust is very important to us. Our customers stay with us because they know we’re a team that can be trusted to deliver. There is a responsibility that comes with that and we take it very seriously. We work in partnership with our customers, creating efficiencies to help their business grow. And as a result, our business also grows.

Peter Collins

Peter Collins


I founded PFE Express in 1984. At the time we were a staff of six specialising in moving goods from Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea to the UK. Over the first four years of PFE’s life, this developed to include freight forwarding from the Indian Subcontinent, Thailand and Singapore. We then extended the operation to include the whole of SE Asia.

Our high levels of customer service means that our customers stay with us. What is most satisfying is that we are still handling accounts we had when we started up in 1984. Unless you’re a good company you don’t keep a customer that long.

Adam Collins

Adam Collins

Managing Director

I started at PFE when I was 17 years old , and over time I learnt the ropes, eventually taking over the running of the company when Dad retired – they were big shoes to fill.

At PFE we’re very focussed on what we can do differently. We’ve listened to our customers and worked in partnership with them to understand their needs. PFE Vision is the result of responding to our customers’  IT needs – it is one of the best systems out there and our customers rely on it. We are constantly looking to innovate. If we can improve a process for our customers, then we will invest the time in finding a solution.

Aron Newton


We work hard to offer a personal service and ensure excellence at every stage of the process. The relationship we have with our suppliers is vital to the service we are able to deliver to our customers. We invest considerable time in advancing our network of reliable Partner relationships, to benefit all of our customers.

You can’t detract from treating every customer the same way – whatever their size. Every customer needs your time and respect if you want to be successful.

Simon Boulton


Ensuring a good balance sheet gives stability to our company and its employees. The reputation we have built up for excellence of service is because of our hard-working team. We support our people in their careers, and in return they support our customers. Over a quarter of our employees have been with us over 10 years which is a credit to the business and the way in which we operate.

I personally have just celebrated my 25th year with the business and look forward to watching it grow and develop further over years to come.

The Managers.



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