Designed to address the evolving needs of e-commerce, PFE’s solutions
feature streamlined routing, expedited customs clearance and effective delivery to
reach end consumers efficiently.

To respond to the growing need for cross-border e-commerce from China, we have developed worldwide e-commerce
freight solutions for companies in a range of industries, tailoring our services to meet each of our customer’s needs.

PFE provides a comprehensive range of global e-commerce delivery services, ensuring your products reach
customers not only in the UK but also across borders.

Customised Solution

We provide a wide array of e-commerce fulfilment services and solutions, customised to fit your business, products and brand requirements precisely. Our services encompass everything from warehouse management and storage to processing, e-fulfillment, picking, packing and dispatch.

Air Freight Collection

We specialise in air freight services for e-commerce to London Stansted Airport (STN). Our dedicated fleet of roller-bed trailers ensures efficient collection of Break Bulk (BUP) cargo, with daily pickups scheduled to align precisely with arrival times. Additionally, we offer collection services from other airports across the UK, tailored to your specific needs. For added flexibility, we can also arrange routes through European airports, with cargo transported first by air to Europe and then by road to the UK for the final leg of the journey.


Located in Witham, Essex, our warehouse enjoys a strategic position, conveniently less than 30 minutes away from Stansted Airport. Approved by UK customs as an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF), we have the capability to handle cargo of any customs clearance status. Operating round the clock, seven days a week, our facility ensures seamless and efficient logistics support whenever you need it.

  • > We ensure that all cargo undergoes scanning and barcoding for efficient tracking.
  • > Our system features API integration with carriers and partners to streamline operations.
  • > Instant handover notifications are sent to partners as soon as the transfer occurs.
  • > Our solution facilitates integrated handover and tracking data, seamlessly syncing with customer-facing systems for enhanced transparency.
  • > We can handle cargo from any UK airport as well as Stansted Airport.
  • > We operate our warehouse 24/7, all year round.

Customs Clearance

We streamline customs clearance processes for our e-commerce cargo. Using our state-of-the-art data tools, we enhance productivity and gain a competitive edge for ourselves and our customers.

B2C Customs Solution
Customers can utilise our digital e-commerce gateway for data submission via EDI or API. Duty payment is facilitated by our streamlined in-house collection system. We also offer reverse logistics for B2C shipments requiring export from the UK.

Duty Drawbacks
We provide cross-border returns and duty drawbacks as value-added services. By utilising our warehouse as your return address, you benefit from recovering VAT and duty paid at import from HMRC.

Customs Inspection
We are experienced in handling HMRC inquiries for goods under investigation and understand their customs expectations. Our dedicated, secure area is specifically designed for on-hold shipments.

Added Value Services

PFE provides a bulk re-labelling service to address printing errors or changes in the final mile carrier. Our compliance with all carrier label standards ensures seamless operations and adherence to quality protocols.

Reverse Logistics
We can act as your hub for customer returns. This means you can use PFE’s warehouse as your return address, and you have the additional benefit of recovering the VAT and duty paid.

Direct Injection
During busy periods, Last Mile Carriers often struggle to cope with high demand for collections. We can organise direct injection (delivery) instead of carrier collecting from PFE. This allows for quicker door-to-door delivery to the end customer.




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