PFE’s Cleaner, Greener Fleet

PFE’s Cleaner, Greener Fleet
May 19, 2017 Hannah Marshallsay
  • euro 6 trucks
  • euro 6 trucks
  • euro 6 trucks

PFE are pleased to have a fleet of trucks that are now all Euro 6 compliant. Euro 6 is the latest round of regulation set by the European Commission governing the amount of harmful exhaust gases vehicles can emit. Our policy of refreshing our fleet every three years, has enabled us to always keep up with the changing emissions regulations and government policies.

Benefits of Euro 6

The Euro 6 emissions targets means that the fumes coming from the exhaust of a Euro 6 diesel engine are cleaner than any of its predecessors. Compared with the previous Euro 5 emissions standard, Euro 6 is particularly targeting nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. But it will also reduce sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, and diesel particulate matter emissions, as well as CO2.

NOx emissions have been scientifically linked to respiratory diseases and other health issues, and environmental damage including acid rain. NOx emissions are significantly reduced in Euro 6 engines.

PFE’s Euro 6 Fleet

All of our trucks are Euro 6 compliant which makes them even cleaner.  A simple example, comparing emissions from a Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicle shows that it will take five Euro 6 trucks to produce the same amount of NOx as just one Euro 5 truck.

“Our transport operation is a key area where we demonstrate our commitment to high levels of customer service. Running vehicles that are replaced regularly and serviced fully enables us to achieve reliability,” says PFE Director, Dave Girling. “Ensuring that we work towards reducing the carbon footprint of our fleet by meeting emissions regulations is something we take very seriously. Operating vehicles for a three year period enables us to do that for the benefit of our customers and the environment.”

Greener Freight Movement

A further way that PFE is reducing its carbon footprint (and consequently our customers’) is to utilise both rail and road operations where possible to mitigate carbon emissions. Using multimodal transport enables us to achieve more on-time deliveries whilst improving the carbon footprint for ourselves and our customers.

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