Customer Notification – Suez Canal Remains Blocked

Customer Notification – Suez Canal Remains Blocked
March 25, 2021 Hannah Marshallsay
suez canal blockage

We have been updated this morning that the Ever Given is still blocking the Suez canal, although there are intense efforts being made to free the vessel. 

Reports have suggested that strong winds pushed the ship off-course, causing its hull to hit the bottom of the canal and get stuck, blocking the path of other vessels which are trapped queuing in both directions. The incident has unfortunately created tailbacks, with a growing number of vessels now waiting to pass in what is the main trade lane from Asia into Europe.

We have been informed that authorities in the region are making every effort to release the vessel. The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) has said it is working to re-float the giant ship, using dredgers to clear the mud and sand around the vessel. While tug boats and winches try to shift the vessel. Diggers are also working on the ground to try and excavate the bow section of the ship which is wedged into the side of the canal bank.

This incident is unfortunately causing some delays and we will keep customers updated with further news at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any concerns regarding your shipment, please don’t hesitate to contact Angela Hutchings for assistance.


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