In The Spotlight – PFE’s Liverpool Office

In The Spotlight – PFE’s Liverpool Office
December 21, 2022 Hannah Marshallsay

PFE has arrived in Liverpool! We review everything you need to know about our Liverpool office; who’s who and what they do.

When did the Liverpool office open?

It opened in June 2021. 

Who works there?

Tom Ryan, Adam Coulson and Jack Jones work in the Liverpool office. Tom has been working with PFE for 8 years, Adam joined in March 2021 and Jack is the newest member of the team.

Tom first came to know PFE when he worked for Maersk 9 years ago. His role back then was managing the relationship with PFE which required him to spend a good amount of time working with the PFE team. It was through developing that relationship that he started to see the opportunity that working for PFE might bring. PFE offered Tom a role working out in Asia managing the Asian market for PFE and so he snapped it up. Tom worked with our partner agent, Ensign at their offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong and was responsible for 14 Ensign offices in the region. Tom returned to the UK in 2019 and took his place in the new Liverpool office when it opened.

Adam also originally worked for Maersk. After progressing rapidly within the company, he also took on the role of managing the relationship with PFE. After 3 years (including the lockdown period) of working closely with the PFE team, PFE approached Adam and asked him to come and join the company. Adam was keen to work somewhere where he could learn everything end-to-end, in one job, so he took the role. Adam’s experience at Maersk meant that he was a good fit as he already had a good relationship with PFE, as well as years of valuable industry knowledge working for Maersk.

Jack joined us last January and has been learning the ropes. He came to PFE from a job working in the civil service so he’s had a lot to learn about the industry. He’s been a great addition and we’re sure he will continue to do well and progress his knowledge which will enable him to grow. 

What do each of you do?

Tom and Adam support the commercial team in Witham by managing the relationship with some of our larger clients and working closely with our partner offices all over the world. A big part of their job is to ensure that everything is shipped so our customers’ cargo arrives on time and is compliant with the requirements of carriers. 

Tom and Adam’s roles overlap, but Adam looks after shipment from SE Asia and the Indian SubContinent for some of our key accounts, while Tom is more focussed on the general customer base.

Jack is currently working alongside and supporting Tom and Adam with pre-shipment administration.

What role does the Liverpool office play in PFE’s operation?

The commercial office in Liverpool is the new addition to the PFE group. We are working with our teams here in the UK and across the globe to ensure we are meeting our company goals. The new Liverpool office will assist our head office in developing the services we offer to our customers and will create an exciting synergy with new and existing customers in northern regions, with whom we can work more closely. 

We work with all stakeholders internally and external partners to ensure we are striving to deliver a customer experience that differentiates us from competitors. It is vital as a business we are constantly improving our services to ensure we organically grow with our customers and service providers.

The team in Liverpool are a key part of bringing our customers’ businesses into our network to deliver value adding solutions on a global scale.

How does having an office in Liverpool benefit PFE’s customers?

​​With the current growth of PFE it is a good time to expand into new locations. The Liverpool office has been set up to support our growing number of customers based in the North and provide support and resource to enable PFE to continuously enhance our service to customers. 

We recognise that many of our customers in the North will appreciate our presence close by and that close physical proximity is still important in this industry. Many of our northern customers want to have a contact in the North. Local knowledge is paramount and being based up here for our northern clients is helpful.

What’s next for PFE Liverpool?

We want to make the most of being physically located to businesses in the centre and North of the country and get out to see those customers more. 2023 is the year that we plan to expand our team in the Liverpool office. Since the office opened, we’ve been hands-on managing the cargo of our existing clients during what has been a couple of turbulent years for the industry. Now things are hopefully returning back to a relatively normal picture, we should have enough capacity to spend more time with people and train them on PFE’s value, processes and systems. 

We always want to maintain our customer service standards so we need to develop the people and the platforms to support customers before we scale-up operations. We need to have the infrastructure in place before we take on more responsibility for customers. The starting point is recruiting new staff. We’re aiming to build a strong, productive team here, with the talent that is available in the North and North West.

Once the team and infrastructure is in place we’ll be ready to take a strategic view on where we focus our energies. PFE has strong growth plans for the future and we see ourselves as playing a key role in that growth. We’re looking forward to getting stuck in!

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