PFE’s E-Commerce Services – Revolutionising Customer Experience & Supply Chain

PFE’s E-Commerce Services – Revolutionising Customer Experience & Supply Chain
February 28, 2024 Hannah Marshallsay

Designed to address the evolving needs of e-commerce, PFE’s solutions feature streamlined routing, expedited customs clearance and effective delivery to reach end consumers efficiently.

E-commerce Driving Future Growth

In recent years, cross-border e-commerce from China to Europe and the UK has surged, fuelled by increasing online shopping, a trend accelerated by the pandemic. This growth has made e-commerce indispensable for retailers, driving up cross-border volumes. In a global marketplace where fast worldwide deliveries are the requirement, there is no doubt that e-commerce will continue to be a substantial driver of future growth. To respond to this growing need, we have developed worldwide e-commerce freight solutions to companies in a range of industries, tailoring our services to meet each of our customer’s needs. 

“As online shoppers seek greater speed, transparency and accountability from their retailers, we understand the importance of meeting these demands. We provide our customers with a comprehensive range of global e-commerce delivery services, ensuring our customers’ products reach consumers not only in the UK but also across borders.” Jacob Collins, Air Freight Manager

End-to-end Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions are linked end-to-end, so you can ship directly to consumers. We offer comprehensive management of your entire supply chain process, from sourcing suppliers to shipping, fulfilment and delivery, whether it’s business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). Our end-to-end solution ensures seamless operations throughout.

Customised Solution For Your Business

We provide a wide array of e-commerce fulfilment services and solutions, customised to fit your business, products and brand requirements precisely. Our services encompass everything from warehouse management and storage to processing, e-fulfilment, picking, packing and dispatch. Our team of specialists collaborate closely with customers to develop tailored e-commerce import, warehousing and fulfilment solutions that meet their unique needs. 

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CASE STUDY – E-Commerce Fashion Retailer

In 2023, our customer, a leading player in the fast fashion industry faced a pressing dilemma. Traditionally reliant on London Heathrow Airport for air freight operations, the customer encountered mounting difficulties securing space and timely turnaround. With several thousand orders consolidated into each air freight shipment and business growth propelling escalating volumes, the impending Q4 2023 Peak Season loomed as a critical deadline. Failure to address these challenges risked severe repercussions, including potential end customer dissatisfaction and disrupted Christmas deliveries.


Our customer’s core challenge revolved around securing space and ensuring swift turnaround times for their airfreight shipments, vital components in the fast fashion industry’s supply chain. The exponential growth in business volumes heightened the urgency of finding a solution before the onset of Peak Season. 


In response to our customer’s predicament, our team devised a strategic solution tailored to their unique needs. We orchestrated the seamless transition of their shipments from origin factories to the UK via air freight, with a pivotal shift in operations to Stansted Airport. This relocation proved instrumental in mitigating the challenges previously encountered at Heathrow. Upon arrival in the UK, our dedicated team managed the customs clearance process and facilitated onward delivery to the customer’s hub for subsequent distribution to end customers. Effective communication channels were established to dynamically manage fluctuating volumes, particularly during the demanding Peak Season.


The implementation of our solution yielded transformative results for our customer:

Streamlined Turnaround Time: By optimising logistics and operational processes, we achieved an impressive average turnaround time of less than 72 hours, from order placement to delivery within the UK. This notable improvement enhanced operational efficiency and responsiveness to consumer demands.

Mitigated Peak Season Challenges: The strategic shift to Stansted Airport effectively circumvented the traditional Peak Season issues prevalent at Heathrow. Our proactive approach preemptively addressed potential delays, cargo discrepancies, and parcel damage, safeguarding the integrity of the supply chain and preserving end customer satisfaction.

In summary, our collaborative efforts with our customer not only resolved their immediate airfreight challenges but also positioned them for sustained growth and resilience in the dynamic fast fashion e-commerce landscape. By leveraging innovative solutions and proactive strategies, we delivered tangible results and drove success for our valued customer in the fast fashion industry.

If you require e-commerce solutions, we can help you. PFE offers:

  • Air freight services to London Stansted Airport (LDN) with a dedicated fleet for Break Bulk (BUP) cargo, synchronised daily pickups.
  • External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF) warehouse within 30 minutes of Stansted Airport, approved by UK customs, operational 24/7.
  • Streamlined customs clearance.
  • Digital e-commerce gateway for data submission via EDI or API, with streamlined duty payment and reverse logistics for UK exports.
  • Re-labelling services to ensure compliance with carrier label standards, addressing printing errors or changes in the final mile carrier.
  • Hub for customer returns, utilising PFE’s warehouse as the return address and enabling VAT and duty recovery.
  • Direct injection (delivery) during peak periods to alleviate Last Mile Carrier collection challenges.

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