Exciting New Opportunity for Less Than Container Loads to China

Exciting New Opportunity for Less Than Container Loads to China
April 26, 2024 Hannah Marshallsay

If you do not have sufficient cargo to fill your own container for exportation, we can provide the solution. We are pleased to offer our new Less Than Container Load (LCL) Service for exports from the UK to China.

We are delighted to announce our new LCL solution for cargos of small volume. Consolidating small volume cargos at our own warehouse in Witham allows for more cost-effective transportation of goods. Our efficient process ensures that your items are loaded and delivered economically, providing a convenient and affordable solution for your shipping needs.

How Does the Process Work?

  • We collect shipments from multiple customers at various locations across the UK.
  • All shipments are then centralised at PFE’s own Witham warehouse and are carefully loaded into a container. 
  • The container is then delivered to the UK port of departure and promptly dispatched to the port of destination.
  • Upon arrival, our trusted partners unpack the containers and meticulously distribute each individual shipment to its respective consignee. 

Key Benefits

  • PFE’s own consolidation box.
  • Every part of the process is managed by PFE, providing greater control and visibility of your shipment from end-to-end.
  • Loading containers takes place at PFE’s own warehouse facility. 
  • Our service is bespoke. We can tailor our exports solution to your specific requirements.
  • With our streamlined process, you can rest assured of timely and reliable delivery for every shipment.

Get in touch today through our online enquiry form, email [email protected] or call our Exports Department on 0161 962 5583.

Allow us to drive your business forward with minimum risk or uncertainty!

Exports Department Manager
Lee Buckley

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