Celebrating 40 Years of PFE’s Success

Celebrating 40 Years of PFE’s Success
May 21, 2024 Hannah Marshallsay

May 2024 commemorates PFE’s 40th anniversary. Established in 1984 with just one location and six employees, we’ve grown into one of the leading freight forwarders in the UK, with a team of over 130 working across four UK offices. As we mark this milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has contributed to PFE’s journey over the decades.

Throughout our 40-year history, PFE has undergone significant transformations. Initially our focus was moving goods from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea to the UK. We then extended our operations to include the Indian Subcontinent, Thailand, and Singapore. We’ve since expanded our operations to cover all of Southeast Asia and beyond, now offering freight forwarding services worldwide.

Success isn’t an overnight achievement but a result of years of dedication, relationship-building, and relentless pursuit of improvement. We owe our success to our loyal customers, partners, and every member of the PFE family. To celebrate this milestone, we recently gathered at our Witham office for a special event.

Celebrating our Success

At the heart of PFE’s success are our dedicated team members. During the celebration, Peter Collins, PFE’s Founder and Chairman, expressed his gratitude to the team, acknowledging their indispensable role in shaping PFE’s journey. He remarked, “Our 40th anniversary fills me with gratitude for the success PFE has achieved. This success is a testament to each and every one of you, who have contributed to making PFE what it is today – successful, happy, and profitable.”

Commitment to Service Excellence

PFE’s reputation stands as our greatest achievement. What distinguishes us in the industry is our unwavering commitment to service excellence. We take immense pride in delivering high-quality service, and maintaining this reputation over decades is no small feat. As Adam Collins, Managing Director of PFE, emphasised, “We must never forget our principles and dedication to service excellence. Our work ethic and commitment to our customers set the standard for the industry.”

Appreciation for our Team

The success of PFE hinges on the caliber of our staff. Our reputation for service excellence is a testament to our exceptional team. PFE values its employees, evident in our low staff turnover rates, with some staff having been with us since the company’s inception.

Adam Collins added, “We have been so lucky to have had fantastic, enthusiastic, and loyal members of the PFE family for 40 years. I know we have said it many times, but our business is you, PFE is our people. This is as true today as it was 40 years ago.”

Thank you to all our staff, partners and customers for their invaluable contributions to PFE’s success. Here’s to 40 remarkable years, and many more to come!

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