PFE Expands With New Offices To Facilitate Growth

PFE Expands With New Offices To Facilitate Growth
June 4, 2021 Hannah Marshallsay

We are delighted to announce that this week we have opened two new PFE offices. The new premises will enable us to further strengthen relationships with our customers and increase the capacity of the company to support their business growth.

The expansion is in conjunction with our continued investment in developing our people and infrastructure. With established offices already based in Witham and Manchester, our new locations in Watford and Liverpool will enable us to respond to the growing needs of customers, and uphold the outstanding service we strive to achieve.

New PFE Office in Liverpool

Due to our commitment to providing unrivalled customer service and the need to expand our team in the North of England, we are thrilled to open a new office in Liverpool. We recognise that many of our customers in the North will appreciate our presence close by and that close physical proximity is still important in this industry.

The new Liverpool office will assist our head office in developing the services we offer to our customers and will create an exciting synergy with new and existing customers in northern regions, with whom we can work more closely. 

Our staff will also benefit from the new office location. We will be encouraging colleagues from other PFE offices to join the team to work here on a regular basis so they are aware of customers, colleagues and work practices in order to maintain cross functional working between the different office teams.

With our current growth it is a good time to expand into new locations. The Liverpool office has been set up to support our growing number of customers based in the North and provide support and resource to enable PFE to continuously enhance our service to customers. We are delighted to build a strong, productive team here, with the talent that is available in the North and North West, I have no doubt the new office will be a huge success.” Tom Ryan, Commercial Manager.

We are planning to expand relatively quickly and will be adding to the team throughout the remainder of 2021

New Office for PFE’s Air Freight Services

We are also announcing that we are moving our specialist Air Freight office to new and larger premises in Watford to accommodate our growing team. This will support the relationships we have with customers, strengthen communication with our airline partners as well as increase the capacity of the company to support business growth.

The new Watford office not only provides the much needed additional space and facilities for the growing team, but also allows for enhanced connectivity with better IT systems allowing improved communications with the airlines and customs systems. The office is also more accessible to transport links making it a more convenient meeting location for many customers.

For customers, the new location and premises will enable PFE to provide a wider range of services and greater capacity to provide for the increasing demand for air freight, due to the disruption occurring in sea freight transportation.

“The decision to move our Air Freight offices to the new site at Watford was a logical step in our business growth strategy. With the growth in air shipments that we have been experiencing, it is critical that we continue to meet customers’ needs, and ensure we have  scalable operations.” Jacob Collins, Air Freight Operations.

For our staff, being able to provide a better environment for working is vital to our success. We recognise that it is the quality of our people that makes our business stand out and that our future success will always be the result of our hardworking team.

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